About Austin Hiatt

Austin Hiatt

Austin Hiatt

An Experienced Attorney

Austin Hiatt is an experienced transactional and litigation attorney working with Gard Law Firm, LLC since 2015. His practice focuses on criminal defense, civil litigation, corporate transactional law, and cannabis business licensing. Austin’s experience as a criminal and civil litigator helps inform his representation in transactional matters so that lawsuits can be avoided before they even begin.

Austin has represented clients in multi-million dollar transactions, criminal cases, criminal appeals, and in some of the most difficult cannabis business and compliance issues. Austin provides diligent and efficient representation and is known for his meticulous preparation and attention to detail. Because Austin assists our clients in a myriad of legal matters, they get to know him personally and his familiarity with the clients helps inform his thoughtful representation.


Austin's Background

Austin attended the University of Colorado School of Law, where he earned merit awards for scholastic achievement. He centered on client-focus practice selecting coursework focused on the economics of the legal system and small firm work. Austin also worked as a law clerk during law school in order to be exposed and prepared with the broadest experience possible.

Austin is a Colorado native and Magna cum laude graduate from Colorado State University, earning bachelor’s degrees in Criminology with honors and Political Science. He conducted specialized undergraduate research in criminology, which allowed him to view criminal cases from a sociological perspective. Austin’s research, “Predictors of Fear in the Motoring Environment,” utilized Colorado State Patrol survey data to examine demographic predictors of fear of victimization on Colorado roadways. Based on this research project, Austin was determined to attend law school to help people navigate the unfamiliar and sometimes scary legal system.